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Our value stems directly from the talent and commitment of our attorneys and team members who practice law in a smarter, more client-focused way. Our attorneys focus their skills and creative strategies, to provide common sense and practical solutions."
~ Mark Bold, CEO & Managing Attorney


We are
redefining law

We use a modern and more sophisticated business model that eliminates much of the costly overhead and over-staffing traditionally associated with law firms. Our innovative approach to law firm management allows us to offer clients exactly what they are seeking: sophisticated legal advice from knowledgeable attorneys at attractive, affordable rates.
We developed and use technology to provide legal services in a more efficient and affordable way. We provide up-front client-centered pricing that eliminates the traditional skyrocketing hourly rates.
Relevant exists to conduct legal work in a smarter, more efficient and affordable way, while delivering best practices service. Relevant attorneys have the experience to handle the simple and complex matters. We are a forward-thinking law practice passionately committed to better service with better solutions. It’s a big promise, we know.

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